How do email finding credits work?

What are email credits?

Email finder credits are charged when you ask Talent CRM to find additional emails for a prospect. You are only charged for email successfully found. This is a great way to find a prospects personal email address to use in a campaign.

What if I don’t use the email?

Credits are charged to find the emails. Found emails are added to the prospect for use later. If no emails are found when searching, we will not charge you any credits.

How does Talent CRM find emails?

Talent CRM works with several external data vendors to find this additional data. We search using several facets of a prospect’s information including their full name, LinkedIn page, Github page, and other bits of public data.

How much do additional credits cost?

Above the standard plan allotment (see our, additional lookup credits cost $0.20 per credit and are billed monthly as you use them.

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