Why are my emails landing in spam folders?

Talent CRM wants to make sure you are being successful, and one way to do this is to understand some best practices around the content you send and how it is sent.

When creating a campaign make sure you include detailed and direct content regarding the reason for your outreach, as well as a strong Subject Line. The goal here is to be unique and strategic with each Campaign.

Identity in emails is also key, so be sure you have your signature up-to-date and even include your physical location if possible.

Lastly, be mindful of the volume of emails you are sending out every day. If too many similar messages are sent during the same period you may be pushed to the end users Spam box, or worse blacklisted from your Email Provider.

Additionally, avoid other spammy tactics like:

  • Repeating the same Subject Lines over and over
  • Lots of exclamation marks!!!!!!
  • An onslaught of emojis ❤✨🔥👍🥺
  • A ton of attachments or image files

Here is an example of an Email Campaign:

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