Talent CRM Integrations 101

💡 Talent CRM users must be admins of their organization to setup an integration.

Talent CRM offers streamlined API integrations into several top CRM and ATS providers.

The goal of our ATS/CRM Integrations is to provide your team a quick and easy way to move qualified prospects from Talent CRM into your platform of choice.

💡 All integrations require a paid account and are unavailable for trial accounts.

Each integration is setup slightly differently, details can be found in each corresponding document. However, at a high level, integrations all follow the same usage pattern.

Supported Integrations

Currently Talent CRM supports the following ATS/CRM integrations:

User Sync

For every integration, you will be required to sync your team to their corresponding user profile in the 3rd party ATS or CRM. In order for us to do this, we attempt to match users based on their Talent CRM account email.

Once this is complete, each team member who has been synced will then be able to push Prospects from Talent CRM into your 3rd party ATS or CRM.

Prospect Sync

In order to avoid sending too much unnecessary data to your ATS or CRM, Talent CRM requires you to select when a Prospect should be synced via the integration.

Sending a new Prospect to my ATS or CRM

Sending a new Prospect to your ATS or CRM is as simple as navigating to the prospect profile on the Talent CRM Chrome Extension and clicking the button at the bottom of the profile like so (Greenhouse pictured below):

Not seeing your ATS or CRM?

We always love to hear what our customers are using. If you are interested in a custom integration, reach out to support@trinsly.com.

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